Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jackie's contagious smile

Love the look on Jackie's face in this pic. I don't know the story here--where she was, when, etc.--but I'd say this was post the White House years. It's always good to see her smile.

Dinner plans

Elegance. This always comes to mind when I think of Jackie Kennedy. From her style choices, White House dinner parties, to the white gloves. She evoked a grace and poise that no first lady or politican's wife can ever match.

Would you like to attend a party with Jackie? Then check out PARTY FAVORS, a short story featuring Jackie and JFK before they were married. Join the dinner party where the pair was first introduced--and find out what happens when Jackie's then-beau arrives at the party...


Jackie Kennedy...Author?

Imagine if Jackie Kennedy had written her life story. What a tale! I'm sure there are many adventures, fights, outbursts, tender moments and more that would shock and titillate every Kennedy-fan. Jackie once entertained the idea of pursuing journalism as a career, thinking that she might not get married. Of course, JFK changed that--esp when he and his family insisted that her support for all-things-Jack was most important. That wasn't unusual at the time, and Jackie quietly tucked away her notions of writing. However, as first lady, Jackie was known for her (mainly handwritten) correspondence, and later in life, the American public was pleasingly surprised with her decision to work for Viking Press. Yes, if only Jackie had written her 'side' of the story.  (In the above picture, I believe Jackie is pregnant with John Jr.)

For those of you who would like to take a fictional adventure, maybe explore some of the 'what if' moments of Jackie's private life, check out O! Jackie, a novel that DOES attempt to reveal her 'side' of the story. Get it HERE.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Before JFK and Jackie tied the knot, they each faced troubling doubts and hard decisions about their relationship. Get your copy of the newest short story in The Kennedy Chronicles, BEFORE THE PROPOSAL, here.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

A piece of history for sale

Every now and then a Kennedy-related item comes on the market. Most recently, it's the home where alleged-JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was renting a room at the time of the president's death. The current owner claims 'now is the right time to sell' the family's home since this year marks the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's death. Not sure I follow that logic, but it will be interesting to see if a bidding war erupts...or if, perhaps, there are no takers....(okay, unlikely, but we'll see).

Read the article here.