Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jackie's Iconic Looks: Favorite #1: Green Greek Goddess

For me personally, the celadon silk jersey gown by Oleg is stunning. Not only is the color delicious, but the shape of the dress and the way it hugged Jackie's curves makes this dress a clear winner. It's a stand-out from some of her other gowns, as this design reflects a nod to the ancient Greek goddesses. With or without the elbow length gloves, this dress works! And, this is a look that could still be worn today. Favorite, favorite!


JFK is chatting with Mary Hemmingway (I believe), and Jackie is giving her undivided attention to poet Robert Frost. Here is one time when b/w fails to capture the true elegance and beauty of a gown.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jackie's Iconic Looks: Favorite #2, The Pink Chanel

Many people may not realize it, but Jackie wore the famous 'raspberry wool' Chanel suit several times before that fateful November day. Here she is,in 1962, looking over plans for revitalizing an area in D.C., for example.

Like most of her outfits, the suit was stunning on her. Although the length of the sleeves is distracting, it's an eye-catching ensemble and an ideal choice for riding in an open-top motorcade.

Interesting that the hat that accompanied her outfit went missing at Parkland Hospital. The dress was never washed, and thanks to Jackie's mother Janet, the dress was boxed and later stored in the National Archives. A beautiful piece scarred by a tragic event.

Jackie's Iconic Looks: Favorite #3, India / Pakistan Trip

As a goodwill ambassador with no political agenda, Jackie left quite a mark on the people of India and Pakistan during her travels there in 1962. Leaders of both countries had been impressed with the first lady--and perhaps smitten with her--during their own visits to the White House. In true Jackie-style, she organized elaborate state dinners in honor of each of the two men. As a 'thank you,' they each in turn insisted that she and the president visit their home countries. Although Jackie postponed the trip for several months, and JFK declined to join her, the event ended up being a hallmark of the Kennedy administration. Jackie was showered with elaborate gifts--which included a horse! Her sister Lee accompanied her, along with other staffers, and naturally, her stunning wardrobe once again made a historic, long-lasting impression. Here are a few of the dresses she wore:



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Friday, April 12, 2013

Jackie's Iconic Looks: Favorite #4, Inauguration Night

Jackie launched (and virtually cemented) her iconic-style-status during the inaugural events of her husband's presidency. Although many adore the Oleg Cassini gown she wore the night before, I prefer the Bergdorf-Goodman creation (which Jackie helped deisgn) she wore on inauguration night. For me, the Cassini gown is too simple and not nearly as figure flattering as the BG dress. Of course, keep in mind that Jackie was still recovering from a difficult, premature labor and delivery with John Jr. In all honesty she does justice to both looks, but BG dress ranks among my favorites.


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jackie's Iconic Looks: Favorite #5, RED

Jackie Kennedy was a woman who could wear anything. Any color, any style. But she often favored shift dresses, and helped make them a necessary for every woman's closet. One color that always made Jackie shine was red. Though she didn't seem to favor red, Jackie always looked radiant, whether she was touring the White House with Charles Collingwood or revealing the White House Christmas tree. Red gave her an undeniable glow, accentuated her rich, dark hair and flattered her skin tone. It's too bad we didn't see more of it.

Monday, April 8, 2013

In case you missed it...

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Cover for 'Encounter'

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