Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jackie's Iconic Looks: Favorite #3, India / Pakistan Trip

As a goodwill ambassador with no political agenda, Jackie left quite a mark on the people of India and Pakistan during her travels there in 1962. Leaders of both countries had been impressed with the first lady--and perhaps smitten with her--during their own visits to the White House. In true Jackie-style, she organized elaborate state dinners in honor of each of the two men. As a 'thank you,' they each in turn insisted that she and the president visit their home countries. Although Jackie postponed the trip for several months, and JFK declined to join her, the event ended up being a hallmark of the Kennedy administration. Jackie was showered with elaborate gifts--which included a horse! Her sister Lee accompanied her, along with other staffers, and naturally, her stunning wardrobe once again made a historic, long-lasting impression. Here are a few of the dresses she wore:



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