Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Theory on JFK's Assassination

Recent reports have surfaced that a Secret Service agent and his gun may have been to blame for JFK's death.

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I have yet to dive into the details, but what do you think? Could this theory be real, actually have some legs to stand on? Or is this just another example of how people are so fascinated with this event that new 'theories' will always surface from time to time? Since we will never know the truth about November 22, 1963 (esp since Oswald was killed), I tend to believe that new 'evidence' and 'claims' will 'emerge' until the end of time.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jackie's 'Love Boat'

Few may remember the cheesy show, The Love Boat, where guest stars assembled each week for romantic adventures aboard a luxury liner. Anyway, Aristotle Onassis's mega-yacht Christina is up for sale. If you're willing to part with a cool $32, the historic boat can be yours!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Two Iconic Beauties...One Naughty President

A little snapshot I took at Barnes and Noble. This feeds into my theory that as pop culture / history junkies, we can't get enough of these two women. In O! JACKIE, find out even more about their 'complicated relationship', and maybe 'unravel' the mystery of Marilyn's death.

O! JACKIE news

It's always exciting when your work is released in a new format / online store. O! JACKIE is now part of the NOOK neighborhood. But she's not alone! Also joining in is ENCOUNTER, the first installment in The Kennedy Chronicles, a series of short stories featuring JFK and Jackie before they were married. Check it out!