Friday, May 31, 2013

Climbing the Charts

Amazing news! ENCOUNTER is being offered FREE this weekend and has already cracked Kindle's Top 100. Woohooo! Download your copy here. Or even from here. O happy day!

Monday, May 27, 2013


A novel depicting the private life of Jackie Kennedy and how she dealt with JFK's affiars--including his trysts with Marilyn Monroe.

If you're a die-hard Kennedy fan who loves history, the 60s, and the Kennedy scandals mixed together, this is a can't-miss read for you.

Get to know the private side of Jackie Kennedy--and discover how she was involved in Marilyn Monroe's death....

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The Kennedy Chronicles continues with PARTY FAVORS. You're invited to attend the intimate dinner party where JFK and Jackie were formally introduced by mutual friends. Relive the infatuation and the frustration these two iconic personalities dealt with on their first, unofficial date.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013


The first in The Kennedy Chronicles, ENCOUNTER is a short-short story that takes a peek at the first time JFK and Jackie ever ran into each other. Naturally, neither of them knew such a brief moment would ever mean anything, but what a great moment to share in a story.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Jackie vs. Marilyn, part 3


Okay, maybe this one isn't fair, considering that Marilyn Monroe--even 50 years after her death--is still considered one of the most beautiful women of all time. Despite all the tragedies in Marilyn's life, one thing was true: she felt good in her own skin. Whether she was in a bedsheet, skin-tight outfit, bathtub, a wig, or nothing at all, Marilyn had a way of making love to the camera. She was curvy in all the right spots, men loved her, and women wanted to be her. Today, her estate still generates millions in revenue, people tattoo themselves with her image, and Marilyn's fan-base is larger than ever. Hands down, Marilyn wins.

But wait. There's no discounting Jackie here. She had her own 'sexiness', in a much more tamed-down style. Jackie was elegant, not flashy; photogenic, not sultry. And if you believe the gossip, she was desired and had by many. We still love Jackie.

And remember, ladies, there's a big difference between a man who wants to take you to bed and a man who wants to take you down the aisle.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jackie vs. Marilyn, part 2


Now this all depends on how much gossip you accept as gospel when it come to these two women. But on thing's certain--they had a lot of men in common. Here's the 'short list' of men Jackie and Marilyn knew intimately....

JFK. Yep, we all buy that one. He wasn't one to discern or turn away a beautiful lady or intern.

Bobby Kennedy. Fact or fiction? Many books and articles claim Jackie and Bobby began an affair shortly after JFK's death; similar books and articles claim Bobby also had his turn with Marilyn. Personally, I'm not sure about Bobby and Marilyn. Anything and everything's possible when we're talking Kennedy-lore, but for me, it's hard to believe that he was as randy as his brother. I could definitely see him with Jackie, and after what they'd both been through, losing Jack, I could see their relationship becoming intimate.

Peter Lawford. An actor and JFK's brother in law, Peter Lawford was, reportedly, 'popular' during his time, having bedded both Jackie and Marilyn. Eh, I'm not sure on this one. He doesn't seem Jackie's type, and I wonder if Marilyn would bother with him, but oh, the speculation....

Frank Sinatra. Again, I can see Frank with Marilyn, but in some ways, I'd think Jackie would be repulsed by the guy.

But when it comes to who had the best men, Jackie wins this one, too. Not only did was she married to the president, but she also married Aristotle Onassis, a man who was once the richest in the world. Sorry, Marilyn. A baseball player and a playwright don't measure up. Plus, Jackie never divorced; Marilyn's marriages failed, three times. Not that Jackie's unions weren't dysfunctional...

Jackie vs. Marilyn, part 1


When it comes to a fashion face-off between Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, the winner is easy to declare: Jackie. Over 50 years later, women and their style choices are still being compared to Jackie Kennedy and her White House years. Every first lady is judged on a 'Jackie scale', and none have truly left a lasting impression like Jackie. It's a safe bet that she will never be forgotten or replaced as an American icon. But what made Jackie so unique? Quite simply, her figure, her elegance, her mystique--and the gloves. Plus, television. As the 1960s dawned, many Americans owned a TV and could see the president and first lady more than ever before--and who didn't enjoy watching such a gorgeous couple with a young family?

Marilyn, on the other hand, held her own in the fashion department. She could wear anything, and she looked stunning whether in a gown or in shorts. Her "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" gown is probably one of her best iconic looks. Love it!