Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jackie vs. Marilyn, part 2


Now this all depends on how much gossip you accept as gospel when it come to these two women. But on thing's certain--they had a lot of men in common. Here's the 'short list' of men Jackie and Marilyn knew intimately....

JFK. Yep, we all buy that one. He wasn't one to discern or turn away a beautiful lady or intern.

Bobby Kennedy. Fact or fiction? Many books and articles claim Jackie and Bobby began an affair shortly after JFK's death; similar books and articles claim Bobby also had his turn with Marilyn. Personally, I'm not sure about Bobby and Marilyn. Anything and everything's possible when we're talking Kennedy-lore, but for me, it's hard to believe that he was as randy as his brother. I could definitely see him with Jackie, and after what they'd both been through, losing Jack, I could see their relationship becoming intimate.

Peter Lawford. An actor and JFK's brother in law, Peter Lawford was, reportedly, 'popular' during his time, having bedded both Jackie and Marilyn. Eh, I'm not sure on this one. He doesn't seem Jackie's type, and I wonder if Marilyn would bother with him, but oh, the speculation....

Frank Sinatra. Again, I can see Frank with Marilyn, but in some ways, I'd think Jackie would be repulsed by the guy.

But when it comes to who had the best men, Jackie wins this one, too. Not only did was she married to the president, but she also married Aristotle Onassis, a man who was once the richest in the world. Sorry, Marilyn. A baseball player and a playwright don't measure up. Plus, Jackie never divorced; Marilyn's marriages failed, three times. Not that Jackie's unions weren't dysfunctional...

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