Friday, May 24, 2013

Jackie vs. Marilyn, part 3


Okay, maybe this one isn't fair, considering that Marilyn Monroe--even 50 years after her death--is still considered one of the most beautiful women of all time. Despite all the tragedies in Marilyn's life, one thing was true: she felt good in her own skin. Whether she was in a bedsheet, skin-tight outfit, bathtub, a wig, or nothing at all, Marilyn had a way of making love to the camera. She was curvy in all the right spots, men loved her, and women wanted to be her. Today, her estate still generates millions in revenue, people tattoo themselves with her image, and Marilyn's fan-base is larger than ever. Hands down, Marilyn wins.

But wait. There's no discounting Jackie here. She had her own 'sexiness', in a much more tamed-down style. Jackie was elegant, not flashy; photogenic, not sultry. And if you believe the gossip, she was desired and had by many. We still love Jackie.

And remember, ladies, there's a big difference between a man who wants to take you to bed and a man who wants to take you down the aisle.

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