Saturday, September 7, 2013


Newbies in the NOOK neighborhood:


The Kennedy Chronicles:


"Party Favors"

Who's a happy girl? This author, right here. Hope you check them out and post a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Would love to hear from you.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Still Wanted: Marilyn Making Money 50 Years Later

I admit it. This summer alone I purchased two t-shirts, a journal and a desk-sized picture of Marilyn. But apparently, I'm not alone. Marilyn Monroe's estate, along with other dead celebrities, continues to generate millions each year. Why? What is it about certain stars that enables them to (sometimes) be worth more in death than during their lifetime?

A couple factors for Marilyn could be her age and her sex appeal.

Dying mysteriously at 36, Marilyn will be 'forever young'. It's considered a tragedy when the world loses a star 'for no good reason'. Had Marilyn peaked yet, as an actress? Most of us would say no. Despite her film credits, she had yet to be taken seriously, as few roles cast her outside of the 'dumb blonde' image she became known for. Plus, in her personal life, Marilyn still had yet to find the ideal man and possibly enjoy a family. Habits and addictions (well, depending on which theories you believe..) got the best of her before she had a chance to 'have it all.'

The sex appeal and charisma of Marilyn is something that Hollywood dreams of, and it doesn't come along all that often. Whether she was tasseled in bed sheets or coiffed and dripping with diamonds, Marilyn starred in many men's fantasies. Her curves--in all the right places--served her well, and she knew how to play up to the camera.

Forever, Marilyn will be missed.