Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jackie!

Hard to believe, but if she were still alive, our favorite First Lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, would've been 86 today. It's not a stretch to imagine what her life might've been like: reading, spending time at Martha's Vineyard, traveling to Paris to visit with her sister, Lee; enjoying dinners and walks in Central Park with Maurice Templesman. Maybe she'd be retired from editing, or only taking on that rare, occasional project that she was passionate about.

What's most difficult is picturing her without John Jr. Would his fate had been any different, if Jackie had lived longer? Impossible to say.

But in Jackie's memory, enjoy a few of my favorite pictures.

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Drive-by of the Kennedys' Palm Beach Home

Hi Everyone! I'm just returning from a family vacation in Palm Beach, FL, and I couldn't resist doing a drive-by of the Kennedys' former home. Wanted to share my (somewhat 'ehh') pictures with the group. The first three were taken from inside the car. This was as 'close' as we could get driving by. I didn't realize until later that the picture of the door (pic #3) was the same location where the family paused for pictures for Easter Sunday 62 and 63 (pic #4 & 6). How fun! Pic #5 shows the door from the curb. The other pics (#1 & 2) show what you can see from the road, but this is not the main house. Sadly, the Kennedys no longer own the home, and it does give the impression that it's in need of TLC. Amazing to think of the history that home represents.