Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jackie vs. Marilyn, part 1


When it comes to a fashion face-off between Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, the winner is easy to declare: Jackie. Over 50 years later, women and their style choices are still being compared to Jackie Kennedy and her White House years. Every first lady is judged on a 'Jackie scale', and none have truly left a lasting impression like Jackie. It's a safe bet that she will never be forgotten or replaced as an American icon. But what made Jackie so unique? Quite simply, her figure, her elegance, her mystique--and the gloves. Plus, television. As the 1960s dawned, many Americans owned a TV and could see the president and first lady more than ever before--and who didn't enjoy watching such a gorgeous couple with a young family?

Marilyn, on the other hand, held her own in the fashion department. She could wear anything, and she looked stunning whether in a gown or in shorts. Her "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" gown is probably one of her best iconic looks. Love it!

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