Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Man Arrested at Kennedy Compound...

Okay, I for one, can certainly understand an unending fascination with all-things Kennedy. And I can (almost) understand the desire to break into their home....(well, no, I can't actually, but let's go with it)....for that once-in-a-lifetime chance to walk those hallowed hallways and rooms where Kennedys once roamed.

And maybe, just maybe, I can understand how one could get...sidetracked...during such an adventure, and by sidetracked I mean: suddenly overcome by the urge to...READ. After all, the Kennedys must have one handsome library!

According to a recent article, a man was arrested at the Kennedy's Hyannis Port home. One of the teenage Kennedys (Teddy's grandson, I believe), found a man reading. Walks into a room and there's a stranger...reading. No one was harmed, and the neighbors claimed the man's car had been in the driveway for 3 hours.


BUT. But. But what I don't who the man (suspect) was REALLY looking for....

Read the article here.

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