Monday, February 23, 2015

Jackie and Marilyn: The Men They Shared, part 1

The affair between JFK and Marilyn has been verified through various accounts over the years. Although JFK was no stranger to infidelities, it's rumored that his dalliances with Marilyn pushed Jackie over the edge. Jackie insisted that JFK end the affair. Of course, weeks after Marilyn's "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" performance, she was dead.

But did Jackie ever realize just how many men she and Marilyn shared, besides JFK?

The go-to man for celebrity hair care, "Mr. Kenneth" Battelle, was one such man.

He earned the title "Secretary of Grooming" and became famous for styling Jackie's hair, "with just enough movement but judicious amounts of hairspray."

Battelle eventually built an empire in the hair industry, but is also credited with helping Marilyn save and treat her hair. After she complained about her hair falling out from too many perms and too much bleach, she was recommended to Battelle.

Although it never would've happened, imagine if Jackie and Marilyn had passed one another going in and out of his salon....

Interesting, Battelle outlived both beauties, having only passed away in 2013 at the age of 88.

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