Thursday, February 19, 2015

Upcoming Release!

Happy, excited, over-the-moon-thrilled to share that my latest, a novella, will be release on March 23, 2015. Hope you check it out!


"In the summer of 1962, nothing could prepare Dr. Charles Campbell for his first meeting with his new client, Marilyn Monroe. A reputable psychiatrist, he's been hired by a studio executive to handle and subdue the star, no matter what it takes. Although he's been warned about Ms. Monroe's unpredictability, she's not what he expected. In the days that follow, Charles' world is turned upside-down. Marilyn shares her secrets and threatens to go public with information that could ruin her career and destroy President Kennedy's administration. Saving Marilyn from her self-destructive ways and crossing doctor-patient boundaries, might also cost Charles Campbell his life."

Available for Pre-Order HERE.

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