Monday, March 2, 2015

Jackie and Marilyn: The Men They Shared, part 3

It's well known that Oleg Cassini was the man behind many of Jackie Kennedy's White House looks, but did you know he also designed for Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe? (In fact, he was briefly engaged to Grace, but somehow, Joe Kennedy discouraged the union.) Oleg launched a trend with his signature fabric colored buttons on several of Jackie's outfits, including her beige coat on inauguration day and the red dress she wore during the taping of "A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy".  He provided much of Jackie's wardrobe for her April - May trip to France and Vienna in 1961, and again for her tour of India and Pakistan in 1962.

Jackie and Oleg, doin' the Twist.

Jackie's dress for the inaugural gala.

When it came to his looks for Marilyn, Oleg was clearly inspired by her allure and her figure. Although his designs for the starlet don't seem as memorable or perhaps as successful. You decide.

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