Thursday, March 12, 2015

Marilyn channeling Jackie

This is definitely one of those shots where I'd love to hear the story behind it. For one thing, it's like a garish joke. Everything representing Jackie in the shot is overdone: the hair, the pearls, the baggy clothes. Those elements are actually anti-Jackie. Also curious is the 'Marilyn mole'. Here, it looks more like someone smashed a fly on her face. Since this was among Marilyn's last photo shoots, you figure it's a *wink, wink* to her affair with JFK. Perhaps this was Marilyn's way of taking a jab at it by 'becoming Jackie'. After the Happy Birthday, Mr. President performance at Madison Square Garden in May, JFK (and probably his handlers, too) decided that he needed to cut ties with Marilyn, that the art of indiscretion was becoming increasingly lost on her when it came to their trysts. Unfortunately for Marilyn, she failed to realized that she was merely a drop in the bucket when it came to JFK's carnal conquests, and that he was probably incapable of developing genuine feelings for her. Sadly, Marilyn was dead only weeks after this shoot.

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