Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jackie and Marilyn: The Men They Shared, part 5

Frank Sinatra.

You read that right. Ol' Blue Eyes himself.

Most accounts of a Marilyn - Frankie affair appear solid and consistent. Frank, like many men, probably enjoyed the 'bragging rights' of being with Marilyn. He was a sucker when it came to good lookin' dames, even married a couple. But with Marilyn, their relationship was probably doomed from the start, at least for Frank. Although Frank preferred beautiful, head-turning women, he also liked them smart. Of course, a woman with a sharp mind and even sharper wit was unlikely to keep her 'til death do us part' promise as Mrs. Sinatra, considering Frank's various issues. Having such issues, and knowing Marilyn had her own, probably also worked against these two making it as a couple.

Still, you could easily imagine them as a power couple of their time, had it worked out. Even temporarily.

When it came to Jackie, there's no doubt in my mind that Frank wanted an intimate relationship with her after JFK was gone. Jackie was a conquest for many. But, was she the type to date and sleep around like most of the Hollywood celebrity types? Personally, I'm not so sure. Despite everything she went through, every high and low, Jackie remained classy. A true lady. In the pictures of Jackie and Frank 'together', it's interesting to note their faces. Jackie seems happy. Happy to look anywhere other than at Frank. Frank, on the other hand, is doing his best to portray that smug look men like to display when they've got those 'bragging rights'. I'm not sure it's working as he's by Jackie's side though. But, oh, in his mind, Frank probably entertained the dream, the dream of having Jackie as his. However, I wonder if she even liked the guy.

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