Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jackie and Marilyn: The Men They Shared, part 4

Although he had a specific function and objective when it came to each of them, there are many questions surrounding Bobby Kennedy and these two women.

When it came to Jackie, they had a strong relationship, built on a genuine foundation of friendship. Both quiet in nature, they bonded inside the rambunctious Kennedy family. After JFK's death, Bobby's role enhanced from friendship to protector. He seemed to adopt a deep responsibility for her. Depending on what information / which accounts you may believe, these two slipped into an affair. If so, perhaps it was natural for both of them. Perhaps it was inevitable. Regardless of whether the two became intimate, one thing is certain: Jackie and Bobby loved each other and were both an important part of the other's life.

And then there's Marilyn. Again, depending on which rumors / theories you buy into, there are claims that Marilyn and Bobby had an affair.
Some believe Marilyn was shared frequently between the Kennedy brothers (Teddy, too??) . Others believe Bobby served as the go-between for Marilyn and JFK, fielding her phone calls to the White House and doing his best to keep his brother's affair hush-hush. Still others think that when Marilyn's behavior became erratic during the summer of 1962, Bobby was the man sent in to silence her. It's easy to see why Bobby, or any man, would fall for Marilyn. She exuded sex appeal without even trying, and when she DID try, it's likely that she got whichever man she wanted. Did she have a tryst with Bobby to get back at JFK? Or was theirs a collision of a mutual attraction? Hard to say.

When it comes to the details of Jackie and Marilyn's lives, neither are complete with the mention of Bobby Kennedy.

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