Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another woman's underwear in your bed

Talk about a no-no. In today's society, such an offense would land a husband in divorce court. Immediately. Assuming the wife didn't pound him into pulp or take him on to a daytime talk show. But believe it or not, Jackie Kennedy found a pair of another woman's underwear in her bed. By now we all know JFK is as famous for his romps with various ladies as he is for his love of country, but taking a tart into his private bedroom is a pretty low blow. We are talking the White House with over 130 rooms. Sure, there was construction and remodeling going on, thanks to Jackie's restoration efforts, but for whatever reason, Mr. President couldn't resist soiling his marriage bed. Literally. When Jackie found the panties, she reportedly gave them to her husband and replied, "You might want to ask around and see who these belong to; they're too big to be mine." To me, such a comment captures that 'perfect lady' mannerism that Jackie is known for and hints at what a complex, complicated woman she must have been. Building on that, and many other jaw-dropping truths, I couldn't resist writing about Jackie and the rest of the Kennedys. And what a story there was to tell. Read O! Jackie for more dirty laundry, Kennedy-style. (Yes, the panty scene is included.)


  1. While I liked JFK to some degree as a President, he was a dog. Well okay that's mean to dogs. But I never understood it, he seemed like a good guy, but he was such a man-slut. Even in those days people didn't understand the meaning of love. And really, does it matter which bed? Sure it's insult to injury, but the man betrayed his wife, over and over. I think it's safe to to say, their bed or not, he was a pig. That is assuming that the cheating wasn't a cover for a fetish in dressing up in women's underware. :^D You never know...

    But seriously, no one should have to suffer betrayal like that. Your book sounds very inetresting.

  2. I agree, Dale, he was a man-slut. He had the perfect wife in Jackie (esp if you happen to listen to those tapes released last year; oh, she gushes), but that wasn't good enough for him. He slept around because he could. Amazing though, given all his physical ailments. You'd think sex would be near impossible with the back pain he was in. But no, Jack claimed he couldn't go 3 days without 'a woman', otherwise it ['celibacy'] induced a migraine in him.
    My book plays with 'how much could Jackie take of this', and has her going over the edge...in a lady-like manner, of course. :)