Friday, January 25, 2013

The Enduring Legacy

Here's a recent article discussing JFK memorabilia owner by a former aide. David Powers, who was a friend to both JFK and Jackie, also helped build the collection currently held by the JFK Presidential Library and Museum in Boston. Speaking as one who made the pilgrimage there, it's an experience every Kennedy fan and history buff should make. Although my interest goes a bit deeper, possibly, than the average admirer, the library-museum does not disappoint. I had several squeal-worthy moments during my visit, including: staring at various outfits worn by Jackie, JFK's scrimshaw collection, and--a major highlight for me--seeing the infamous coconut from the PT-109 disaster. You may not find a copy of O! Jackie for sale in the gift shop, but this attratction is well worth the journey. Let's hope the Powers family has a few more items that contribute to the never-ending mystique and awe that only the Kennedys inspire. (Read the article here.)

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