Monday, January 28, 2013

Jackie and Ethel...friendly enemies?

To say Jackie and Ethel Kennedy were enemies is going a bit too far, even for me. At best, these two ladies were dire opposites: Ethel, boisterous and out going, loved being the center of attention; Jackie, reserved and demur, found pleasure in simple pursuits. In comparing these two icons, one might think that Ethel would've been better suited for JFK, and Bobby a better match for Jackie. Jack Kennedy thrived in a crowd and preferred the company of his large, rambunctious family over moments of solitude, much like Ethel, while Bobby was often described as the sensitive, peace-keeping member of the Kennedy clan. Considering that Ethel wrote her college thesis on Why England Slept, a book penned by JFK, one may wonder if she did in fact have a crush on the young senator...For more on the Jackie - Ethel clash get your copy of O! Jackie. Find out who ended up in the pool at a dinnre party, who was known for her "big feet," and more.

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