Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tea with Hoover controversial?

As an author you want to write believable scenes, no matter what. That can get tricky when you're actually writing 'real' people. In O! Jackie there's a scene where Jackie Kennedy invites J. Edgar Hoover to join her for tea. On the surface, that sounds like something Jackie would do, invite someone to afternoon tea (although she wasn't a fan of ladies' luncheons and making small talk with the masses). But we're talking J. Edgar Hoover. If you recall, Hoover and the Kennedy men were anything but cordial. Hoover wanted to bring the Kennedys down, especially with Bobby serving as Attorney General and Papa Joe Kennedy behind the scenes and pulling his sons' strings. With the growth and success of the FBI, thanks in large part to Hoover, J. Edgar reveled in his own power. He often side-stepped the law (ironically) in his battle against communism and its sympathizers. Due to JFK's association with the mob (via Sinatra) and JFK's dalliances with some 'questionable ladies' (Marilyn Monroe included), Hoover salivated at the thought of ruining the Kennedys with his notorious files. So it might be hard to believe that Jackie would socialize with her husband's nemesis. But, there's a complicated, tangled reason why Jackie wanted to make nice with the famed director. Snatch up your own copy of O! Jackie and see what you think. It's one more layer to the age-old question, Did they, or didn't they?
O! Jackie

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