Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 Degrees of Separation

A love triangle would never do when talking about JFK's sexual conquests. This is merely one example. Once upon a time, mid thru late 1940s, Jack Kennedy met a woman named Inga Arvad. They met through his sister Kathleen, as both women worked for the Washington Times-Herald. Of course, Jack and Inga became more than friends, but Inga was a security concern; she'd 'befriended' Hitler during two interviews she'd conducted with him in the 30s--and won Hitler's admiration. Guess who was extremely concerned about this, so much so that he kept files on the Kennedy clan? (J. Edgar Hoover. So Hoover had her followed, phones tapped, etc...) Jack was also bed-buddies with divorcee Flo Pritchett--who was also girlfriends with Inga. Oh, and guess who else once worked at the Times-Herald? Jackie--who was also friendly with Flo. Boggles the mind. .  .

But if you're interested in reading about the Jackie-JFK-Marilyn Monroe love triangle, and how it all fell apart, get your copy of O! Jackie.

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