Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fatherly Advice

One has to wonder: If JFK had lived long enough to see his children grow into adulthood, what kind of advice would he have given them? For a man who took advantage of teen girls at times, what would he have told his daughter, at say, 16? "All men are rats." (Which was advice Jackie received from her own womanizing father) And let's just go for it and be completely disgusting: Would he have taken advantage of her friends?

What about on John Jr.'s wedding day, would he have given his son the same 'encouragement' that he gave his brother Teddy: "Being married doesn't mean you have to be faithful." Was that a motto that simply went with the last name of Kennedy?

 Worse, how would he have explained his exploits to Caroline and John?

When she was once asked about her father's behavior, Caroline answered: "I wouldn't be my mother's daughter if I commented on that." (paraphrasing) Let's hope that Caroline's marriage doesn't turn out to be a sham like her cousin's, Maria Shriver.


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