Sunday, March 3, 2013

Redefining 'Womanizing'

To say JFK had a talent for seducing women is an understatement. Not only did the man make his way into a slew of untold, nameless girls, ladies, co-eds, assistants, admirers, and movie starlets, but he screwed women that we close to and friends with his wife. Who am I talking about? Florence Pritchett, a divorcee that JFK dallied with from roughly 1957 on. Oh, and when he wasn't making trips to Cuba--in order to see Florence--you might find JFK, and Jackie, enjoying an afternoon at sea on Jack's boat, the Honey Fitz. Hard to believe? Maybe, until the photos surface.

Oh, and they brought along Florence's new husband, Earl E.T. Smith.
How does a wife not only 'turn a blind eye' to such carnal flaws in her husband, but entertain his side dish, too? Want to go deeper into Jackie's mind? Try O! Jackie today, and see how far she could be pushed before she pushed back.

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