Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why We Love Marilyn, pt. 4

Her Vulnerability.

She exposed it all: her talents, her body, her triumphs, her tragedies. If there's a lesson to be learned from the life and times of Marilyn Monroe, surely it's the fact that eye-popping beauty and worldwide fame don't mean happiness. Perhaps some of the blame can go to her escalating habit of pill dependency and drinking, coupled with a difficult history of family mental illness. Relationships failed her, and her ultimate desire to be a mother never came true. She put up a brave front, most of the time. We've heard the rumors about how Hollywood used her, passed her around, and in true underdog fashion, we all wish Marilyn could've had the last word, could've come out on top: healthy, with a lengthy, admirable career...and a loving family at her side.

Find out just how vulnerable Marilyn could be, and discover a fictional 'what-if' scenario about her death in O! Jackie.

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