Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jackie's Addiction


One doesn't become cemented as a fashion icon without serious retail spending, and let's just say that Jackie did her share when it came to shopping. In fact, her frequent spending sprees, preference for French designers, and effortless ability to keep pace with trends (and perhaps start a few), irked the men in her life. At one point Papa Joe said that all of Jackie's clothing bills should be sent to him; he'd take care of them. But for a man who once owned a $400 million empire, even Joe Kennedy complained about Jackie's tireless addiction. During their White House years, JFK complained that Jackie had spent $40,000 on clothes in one year. Even billionaire Aristotle Onassis blew up a few times over his trophy wife's purchases. Considering the various tragedies Jackie was forced to live with, and the fact that neither of her husband's believed in or practiced fidelity, it's easy to overlook this flaw in Jackie. And in the end, Jackie left us with a stunning display of how every decade (even the dreadful 70s) could be done with taste and elegance.

Find out more about Jackie's flaws and the extremes she went to in order to protect her marriage in O! Jackie.

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