Monday, March 18, 2013

Why We Love Marilyn, pt.3

Her Personality.

It might sound like the kiss of death, since women today may not like being described as someone with a 'great personality', but let's face it: Marilyn wasn't above making fun of herself. She was whimsical and witty, and the fact that men drooled and forgot themselves over her killer figure wasn't lost on her. She also understood that Hollywood wanted her to play the 'dumb blonde' and that many of her movies only cared about capitalizing on her boobs and flashing as much of her as they could in skimpy clothes (and remember, we're talking the 50s here). Marilyn also knew the camera loved every angle of her. There were also times when Marilyn was a caricature of herself. I mean, why in the world did she ever bother wearing that wig? What was the point? And you have to wonder how difficult it probably became for her, Norma Jeane, to play and be 'Marilyn' all the time. Even so, she was quick to play it up, take risks, and bare it all.


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