Monday, November 18, 2013

JFK's Coconut

This coconut fascinates me. When I think of the how and why it came to be, it's amazing. For those who may not know the story of JFK and the PT109, here's a quick recap....

JFK skippered the PT109 during his Navy days. A Japanese destroyed cut the tiny patrol boat in half, ran right through it like butter. JFK and the surviving crew members had to swim three miles in the waters of the South Pacific to reach a nearby island. Stranded with his men, JFK carved a message into a coconut, which natives delivered to a U.S. naval base some distance away. That coconut was the S.O.S.  / mayday call that helped rescue JFK and fellow mates. It was returned to JFK, who had it made into a paperweight; it adorned his desk the rest of his political days. And now, it rests among the other Kennedy-treasures in the JFK Library and Museum. A true wonder!

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