Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Revisiting the JFK - Marilyn Monroe Affair part 2

Most people probably accept the story that JFK and Marilyn met after he became president and she was already solidified as the Hollywood blond bombshell. According to reports, the president and the actress were introduced by Peter Lawford, JFK's brother-in-law (Peter was also an actor and super-pals with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.). The chemistry was obvious, electric. Who knows how long it was from introduction to seduction.

However, that famous weekend JFK spent at Bing Crosby's....where Marilyn showed up. And let's not forget those juicy rumors about the pool side cabana....

Months later, Marilyn sang, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President," wearing that infamous 'skin and beads' gown during a televised event. That night, at Harry Belafonte's NYC apartment, the two were captured together that now-famous photograph--the only one that features them 'together'.

Ah, the fact that JFK shied away from the camera, is very telling....

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