Friday, November 1, 2013

The Fairy Tale...Shattered

Most of us love a good story with a happy ending, and our celebrity-obsessed culture can't get enough of the drama of the rich and famous. The Kennedys, during that brief window in the 60s, were perfect. A gorgeous couple with adorable young children. He, the most powerful man in the world; she, the most beloved first lady. Nothing could outshine them, and America believed its future, its 'new frontier' was promising and solid. Of course, the trip to Dallas changed everything. Through the years, reports of JFK's infidelities surfaced, destroying the Camelot image for good. Even so, it's doubtful our country will ever again feel so hopeful, so passionate about the first couple. Had it rained that afternoon, the story could've been changed: JFK could've lived...but one wonders, how much of her husband's 'weakness' Jackie could've endured?

Scandals or not, some of us can't get enough of the Kennedys. If you're feeling nostalgic or curious about what they were like behind closed doors, then check out O! JACKIE.

And may you rest in peace, Mr. President...

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