Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Assassination, 'Truth', and Making $$

Interesting article about how people have made money from the assassination with books and movies. When it comes to that tragic day in Dallas, there's an unending take on conspiracy theories, and we each adhere to what 'satisfies' our individual natures. Books and movies related to the topic have been successful for several reasons: the government's 'secrecy' and handling of info; the strange / unusual deaths of witnesses; and Oswald's assassination in the PD parking garage.

Read the article here.

For me, another mystery was always Jackie Kennedy herself. Poise and elegance defined her, but so did her need for privacy. And let's face it, many are stunned at how she tolerated JFK's wandering ways so gracefully.

Interested in getting to know Jackie 'personally'? Then enjoy O! JACKIE. You won't find any conspiracy theories least not related to JFK's assassination...

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