Friday, November 22, 2013

Rest in Peace, JFK

Despite his missteps, despite his faithful infidelities, no president will be mourned more than John F. Kennedy. His very public assassination scarred American History, and perhaps defines his legacy the most. For a nation to lose its leader during an unstable time is traumatic; his death unified the nation, if only for a short time. Considering the current political, we are unlikely to know such unity again.

It is said that the Kennedy family wanted JFK buried in the family plot in Massachusetts, but that Jackie had the foresight to realize that her husband's death would play so deeply into history, that she had him laid to rest at Arlington and his tomb topped with an eternal flame.

For more on how the eternal flame came to be, read the article here.

And now that the 50 year 'anniversary' mark has come and gone, may JFK find some sense of rest in his New Frontier.

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