Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why the Kennedy Obsession Endures

Britain may have their royal family, but here in America, we had the Kennedys.

Rich, good looking, and ambitious, they represented hope during a difficult time in our nation's history. But the Kennedys were not without their flaws...Joe became infamous for his bootlegging and dealings with the mafia; JFK, well, he rarely met a woman he didn't like...and often get to know carnally; Rose, the domineering matriarch, was noted for being cold and unaffectionate with her nine children...on it goes.

Tragedy also clung to the Kennedys.

Joe Jr. and Kathleen both died in plane crashes; their daughter Rosemary struggled with mental deficiencies, unless Joe agreed to a procedure that paralyzed her in a vegetative state.

And we know how later history played out...Jack and Bobby both victim to an assassin's bullet; Teddy and Chappaquiddick....

Still, fascination trumps all when it comes to the Kennedy family. Perhaps they really are Arthurian legend, come to life...so to speak.

O! JACKIE takes a close, personal look at Jackie Kennedy, and the struggles that made her 'famous'....

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