Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Revisiting the JFK - Marilyn Monroe Affair part 1

Just as with the assassination, theories abound when it comes to the sexual entanglement of JFK and Marilyn. Why? Controversial tongue wagging always follows whenever two gorgeous, famous people connect carnally.

Some people claim the pair knew each other and met back in the 40s, long before politics and Hollywood ensnared them. This broken fairy tale version paints the picture that their trysts were more than a tawdry affair, that theirs was a love story of forbidden proportions. Joe Kennedy was credited with keeping them apart--refusing to allow his White House-bound son to marry someone of Marilyn's caliber....JFK let his father have his way, as he always did.

I won't get into the reported 'love child' JFK and Marilyn shared. At that one, I draw the line.

Interesting, perhaps, since I show little restraint when it come to the heated topic of JFK and Marilyn in O! JACKIE.....check it out.

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