Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Red Roses

Interesting. When the president and first lady arrived in Dallas on that fateful day, Jackie was given a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Believe it or not, some people cried foul and claimed this was a sure sign of the conspiracy to kill JFK. Why? Yellow roses are the beloved flower of Texas. There's even a song! And Jackie did receive yellow roses earlier in their trip.

Were the roses a sign of the bloodshed to come? Probably not. But 50 years later, 'believers'--both conspiracy theorists and...not--are still mulling and 'proving' who pulled the trigger that day...and marked the history books with tragedy.

Before Dallas, JFK and Jackie had plenty of problems at home, behind closed doors. And bloodshed? Well, it could come to that. Find out whose in O! JACKIE.

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