Wednesday, November 20, 2013

O! Jackie news

She's in the spotlight today. Check it out!

The intimate and revealing O! JACKIE is featured in today's Free Kindle Nation Shorts excerpt


  1. It is seldom that I can really lavish praise on a fellow writer in the way I'd like to with Mercedes King. The incredible style in which she has put together some astounding historical stories as seen through the eyes of its participants will have any reader mesmerized. Somehow, she has used accurate historical documents and research and combined that material with a passion for the characters themselves that allows them to live again. Reading these five related titles, four shorts and this novel, to progress through time with two of the most interesting and probably misunderstood people of all time is an eye opening experience. Imagine being in the room with the parents of a future President and one of the classiest first ladies America has known. while they "negotiate" the wedding plans. Or, just try to eavesdrop on a family discussion where the relationship with a blonde actress who was rumored to be a lover, is the object of attention. Being present for more than one near catastrophic situation only to confront another. Anyone who appreciates that history is about the people who make it must read this collection. My hat is off to you Ms. King for an outstanding addition to the stories, rumors, gossip and realities of this one of a kind couple who gave so much to our history.

  2. Thank you so much, Tim. Your words are a treasure. Forever grateful.