Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Kennedy Mini-Series

Whether you loved or hated the actors portraying the Kennedys in the made-for-tv mini-series, The Kennedys, admit it, you just had to check it out. Guilty! Not that I had any issues with the cast. Katie Holmes has been compared to Jackie for ages, and while Katie does carry a certain class about her, she's no Jackie. She didn't capture Jackie's presence and mystique. But who does? (Tom Wilkinson as Joe--brilliant!) For me, the big disappointment wasn't in the actors or performances but in the depiction of JFK. Could just be me, but the character came across as wimpy, indecisive. I also think JFK's 'need' for other women was downplayed. And his fling with Marilyn? Almost ignored. Ah, well. I don't mind a decent rerun.

But if you like your Kennedys 'spicier' and more realistic, check out O! JACKIE.

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