Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Kennedy Influence

Without a doubt, JFK was one of the most trusted and beloved presidents our nation has ever known. Few leaders since Kennedy have been able to win the fickle hearts of both Democrats and Republicans alike. So what was it that JFK had going for him?

Not to get too political here, but JFK was a visionary for his time. His speeches--his acceptance of the Democratic nomination in the summer of 1960 and his inaugural address, in particular--showcased a forward-thinking 'hopefulness' and patriotism the nation hungered for. Plus, thanks in part to the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK united the U.S. against a common enemy--communism.

Kennedy also left a lasting impression on the civil right movement, and some claim that for a portion of African Americans, JFK was as highly regarded as MLK and Jesus. Impressive company.

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