Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 Things We Love About Jackie Kennedy, pt.1

It’s been fifty years since Jackie Kennedy graced the White House (and edging close to twenty years since her passing), yet adoration for the former first lady endures. Why? Many of the presidents’ wives have done their duty--respectfully so--and moved on to quiet lives after their husband’s time in office, and let’s face it, many are forgettable. But not Jackie. Aside from her controversial and puzzling marriage to Aristotle Onassis, what was it about Jackie Kennedy that engraved her on so many hearts? I think I know.

Her style. Comparisons come and go, but we all know that no first lady before or since was as elegant as Jackie. For instance, do we swoon at the remembrance of Nancy Reagan’s inaugural gown? Probably not. Even though the events of 1961 were well before my time, I’m familiar with the gowns Jackie wore to the inaugural gala and to the inaugural balls, as are many Kennedy admirers. After all, they’ve been on display, featured in magazines, immortalized in museums. When we think of Jackie’s style though, we may also recall Jackie, a refined equestrienne, in jodhpurs--and looking equally stunning. How many women could pull that off?
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