Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Things We Love About Jackie Kennedy, pt.5

Her Mystery.

Now it may sound odd. Jackie Kennedy, a mystery? Absolutely. Who else can you think of who cherished her privacy and was forced to live in the spotlight? (Princess Di, but she used her fame to educate people about her charities.) Even when her life as first lady ended, Jackie found no peace from reporters and photographers. All she wanted was a quiet life, and security for herself and her children. And really, aside from basic bio info, what do we know about this famous woman? She hated her wedding dress. Preferred peach ice cream. Loved the outdoors, horses, and French cuisine. (Almost sounds like a dating-site bio) But what were her deep-rooted passions? She rarely lent her name to a cause, except for a few historic buildings, like Grand Central Terminal. But which side did she support in Roe v. Wade? What part did she take in the civil rights movement? When she spoke publicly about JFK, she always flattered him. But what about all those affairs? Especially his trysts with Marilyn Monroe? How did Jackie deal with it?

For an intimate look inside the woman so many loved and admired, read O! Jackie.
Experience the warm, human side of this beloved icon....and find out exactly how she felt about her husband's unfaithful escapades. O! Jackie

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