Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Secret Snuggle Between JFK and Marilyn

I don't know the real story behind this photo, or who these two people REALLY are, but just for the sake of our salacious imaginations, it's easy to believe this is an actual picture of the two together. What may throw you though is the thought of JFK holding and cuddling with Marilyn. Maybe it's just me, but did JFK strike you as the affectionate type? I wonder if he was more of the bang 'em n' leave 'em kind, getting what he wanted and out the door asap. Still, this could be a rare moment when perhaps he comforted her, after she cried and threw a tantrum, not wanting to let him go....and definitely not wanting him to leave her for Jackie.

Indulge even more in your JFK - Marilyn fantasies with O! Jackie, a fictional take on how that most famous love triangle really fell apart.

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