Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The JFK - Marilyn Monroe Affair

(Bobby Kennedy, Marilyn, JFK)

It's one of the most talked-about scandals of our time. The most powerful man in the world slept with the most beautiful woman in the world. How it all came about, well, that depends on which version you believe. Some accounts claim that Marilyn and JFK had a relationship that started back in the late 40s, but that Joe Kennedy disapproved of Marilyn (largely due to her family history), and therefore the relationship was doomed. Some reports state that they carried on an affair during his presidency (having been introduced to each other by Peter Lawford, JFK brother-in-law). And still other tales circulate that they only spent one weekend together--that infamous weekend at Bing Crosby's estate in Palm Springs.

In the above photo, Marilyn and JFK are seen at Harry Belafonte's NYC apartment shortly after the televised birthday special, where Marilyn breathily sang, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President." (Notice how none of them--the Kennedy men in particular--are buddying up to the camera?)

Whichever version fulfills your inner tabloid-junkie, find out the 'whole' story, including the mystery surrounding Marilyn's death, in  O! Jackie , and discover a new meaning to 'a satisfying,' 'captivating' read.

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