Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Bit of Irony

Once upon a time, Jacqueline Bouvier was a reporter.

Yes, you read that right. Her first ( and only) job as a young single lady was working as a reporter - photographer for the Washington - Times Herald. Although Jackie enjoyed the job and its modest pay (which wasn't enough to cover her monthly expenses; Daddy Jack Black had to help out), her assignments were rather 'squishy' and editorial, not hard-core reporting. But she did interview some of Washington's up-and-coming politicians, including John F. Kennedy. With an affection for writing, Jackie was inspired by the job and wanted to pursue a career in journalism. However, marrying JFK derailed those notions; he and his family wanted her to focus on perpetuating his image and building his career.

Of course, through the years, Jackie lost her love for 'reporters', especially when she realized that the always-intrusive press wanted in on every detail of her life.

To learn more about Jackie Kennedy and to revisit the days of Camelot, and the administration's scandals, peek inside O! Jackie, a fictional take on being Jackie Kennedy.

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