Sunday, February 17, 2013

"The Lady [Isn't] A Tramp"

Although this picture was taken sometime post-'Camelot', Jackie Kennedy had mixed feelings about Frank Sinatra. Once her husband was elected, Jackie didn't want JFK associating much with the crooner, due to all the speculation surrounding 'Francis' and his mob pals--and their role (or help) in the election. Jackie tolerated Frank, but she wouldn't have to worry for long. The 'Chairman of the Board' soon lost favor with the president and wasn't invited (or permitted) to White House dinners.

What caused the fuss? Find out in O! Jackie --and read what kind of moves ol' Blue Eyes tried with the famed first lady. Plus, get a peek into Frank's relationship with Marilyn Monroe.

Sometimes, a book just writes itself. O! Jackie, revisiting the 60s, the Kennedys, and the scandals.

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