Monday, February 18, 2013

The Pillbox Hat

Not only did Jackie Kennedy make elbow-length gloves and a pearl necklace part of her trademark look, she also made famous the pillbox hat. Interesting name, considering that the hat is much larger than an ordinary pillbox--and a different shape. When designers (Halston, in particular) had the chance to create an outfit or look for Jackie, they often took advantage of including a hat. Jackie had a large head and thick hair for the hat to perch upon, but Jackie didn't like hats. She gave in when it came to wearing them, obviously, and accidentally made the pillbox a sensation.

Another interesting but unfortunate fact? Jackie wore hats on the first and last days of JFK's administration. Above, she's pictured with the president on inauguration day, and below, during their infamous trip to Dallas. A mystery surround the raspberry colored hat that matched her Chanel suit: Jackie removed the hat at Parkland Hospital, where the president was taken after being shot, and no one knows exactly what happened to it.

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