Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Romantic Tribute and A Lone Jackie

For her goodwill trip to India and Pakistan in 1962, Jackie couldn't convince her husband to go along. JFK had no desire to sight see around the desert, but Jackie had put off going on the trip long enough. Jackie had kicked off her job as hostess with a very successful dinner at George Washington's estate, Mount Vernon. Impressed with the evening--and enamored of Jackie--the Pakistani president quickly reciprocated with an invite to his country. Jackie also received an invitation to visit from India's prime minister. Although Jack sat the trip out, Jackie didn't go it alone; Lee and other White House staff attended. Numerous pictures document her trip, but one stands out: a picture of Jackie in front of the Taj Mahal, a marble mausoleum emperor Shah Jahan built in honor of his third wife, after she died in childbirth with their 14th child. Despite her smile, you wonder what she had to be thinking, standing (alone) in front of such a majestic, enduring tribute.

Read more about Jackie and her unconventional adventures abroad in O! Jackie.

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