Monday, February 18, 2013

Kennedy Memorabilia

Would you pay thousands for a bomber jack once owned by JFK? How about hundreds for letters written by Jackie Kennedy? These are just a couple of the items that went up for bid early this morning; items that had belonged to one-time aide and family friend, Dave Powers. A stash of Kennedy memorabilia was found in recent months by the Powers family (Dave died in 1998). Although these Kennedy treasures were estimated to go for hundred or thousands of dollars, many of the items, if not all of them, far exceeded expectations. That bomber jacket, for instance, sold for $570,000. Wow! Proof that the Kennedy mystique, and even the tarnished remains of Camelot, still stir deep affections--and encourage digging deep into pockets. Amazing that fifty years later, people are willing to pay dearly for a piece of Kennedy history.

Read the article here.

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