Sunday, February 17, 2013

More About the Gloves

Did you know that Jackie Kennedy also had a habit of biting her nails? This was yet another reason she frequently wore gloves. Miss Porter (of Miss Porter's School for Girls) would not have been pleased with Jackie's shameful habit, but I'm sure she approved of the gloves. Notice, too, the various lengths of gloves Jackie wore: kids gloves, gloves that came mid-arm, and the famous elbow-length. Some many have seen the gloves as a display of Jackie's upbringing and many have labeled her as 'snooty', not wanting to touch the those of lower classes. But actually, the gloves not only solidified Jackie's status as a fashion icon, they also gave her a sense of security, being able to hide her 'unattractive' [her word] hands with bitten nails.

        (Jackie pictured with fellow school mates (and wearing gloves) at Miss Porter's, 1943.)

Read what drove her to bite her nails to the quick in O! Jackie. How does one of the most influential women in the world deal with her own insecurities?

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