Monday, February 25, 2013

One Sick President

As much as we may grumble and complain about JFK's devotion to his womanizing, it's amazing, when you take a step back and realize all the physical ailments he dealt with on a regular basis. He suffered from Addison's disease (a rare endocrine disorder), colitis, hypothyroidism, chronic back pain (which two surgeries failed to correct), and chlamydia. Considering the list of medications he was on, it's even more amazing that he was able to function coherently. JFK was as adamant about concealing his health issues as he was about keeping his sexual escapades private. Being a man of his times, JFK didn't want to appear weak, but there were moments when his pain and discomfort were so severe that he required crutches to get around. He also utilized padded rocking chairs to ease his back, though it helped little. Another side affect of his conditions? He couldn't pick up his children. The strain was too much for his back.

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