Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Previous Engagement

Did you know that Jackie Kennedy almost became Jackie Husted? Strange as it may sound, Jackie was engaged to John Husted in early 1952. An up-and-coming stock broker from a respected family, John Husted also won the approval of Jackie's father. Since Jackie was raised with the mantra to "marry well," you may wonder what went wrong. Although John was handsome, had a promising career, and adored Jackie deeply, Jackie's interest in marrying John soon fizzled. Some reports claim Jackie feared life-long boredom, being married to John; other reports say that Janet insisted the engagement be broken, citing that John's family wasn't up to Bouvier standards--and their wealth not sufficient enough. Whatever the true reason, one has to wonder....Would John Husted have been a faithful husband, would that have mattered to Jackie?

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